Madrid Protocol Guide:

A complete analysis of the practical effects on the Brazilian and international trademark registration system.

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✔ What were the expectations regarding Brazil's accession to the agreement?

✔ How has the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (BTPO) been doing since then?

A FIRST analysis of why the treaty is not suitable for all trademark applications;

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The importance of Brazil's adherence to the Madrid Protocol is unquestionable. After all, the objective of this treaty is to facilitate and expedite the application for trademark registration in its signatory countries.

However, along with the flexibility that this agreement proposes, there are also some challenges that make this process disadvantageous in certain cases. And this is a point unknown by many companies that are active in the area of Intellectual Property.

To clarify in which cases the Madrid Protocol can be advantageous or not, in Brazil or otherwise, we have prepared material with a practical approach on the subject, which also provides some general background information about the treaty..

This is the time for you to keep up to date on the Madrid Protocol so as not to miss any opportunity in the registration of your brands!

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